Dahlias in the News

Dahlias: nude neutrals or flaming, Frida Kahlo-inspired fiestas?

The Telegraph – Madeleine Howell

“I used to loathe dahlias with a passion. When I got married, I banned them. But now I’m horrified, because now I think they’re just exquisite,” admits Willow Crossley, fashion’s favourite floral stylist and the author of Flourish: Stunning Arrangements with Flowers and Foliage for Every Season.   Read more.


Raising difficult dahlias has made Red Deer hobbyist an Alberta expert

Red Deer Advocate – Lana Michelin

Notoriously difficult dahlias are the divas of the flower world.

But Red Deer’s Lorne McArthur spent half a century learning how to handle these temperamental beauties, and is now one of Alberta’s foremost dahlia growers and hybridizers.   Read more.


Charles Breed, Dahlia Hill founder, dies at 91

Midland Daily News – Victoria Rittervritter
Throughout his life, Charles Breed was a teacher, politician, artist, and gardener. One of his biggest legacies, however, can be found at the corner of West Main Street and Orchard Drive in Midland: Dahlia Hill.  Read more.


30-year battle against plant viruses leads to Humboldt Award for Pappu

WSU Insider
Viruses are about the simplest and tiniest creatures on Earth. They also can cause an amazing amount of chaos and destruction.  Washington State University virologist Hanu Pappu, like many in his field, has dedicated his life to helping lessen the negative impacts of viruses. Learn more.


Wayland Main Street plans for dahlia garden

Allegan Co. News – Virginia Ransbottom
Reviving Wayland as The Dahlia City with a dahlia demonstration garden at North Park is a project Wayland Main Street’s Economic Restructuring Committee is proposing for a new public attraction.  Read more.


How to grow dahlias in Oregon: Advice from 34 years of experience

The Oregonian – Kym Pokorny
In the garden of Laura and Mark Oldenkamp 400 dahlias bob with blooms as small as golf balls and as large a dinner plates.  Read more.


Dahlia Drug May Doom Diabetes

Otago Daily News – Jono Edwards
A diabetes prevention treatment developed by University of Otago researchers from a common flower could be a “game-changer” in halting the condition.

In partnership with Plant and Food Research, the researchers will soon begin human trials of a drug made from dahlias.  Read more.


Creating ‘a Memory of Something Beautiful’

emissourian.com – Karen Butterfield
““Young man, would you like to grow a man’s flower?  Read more.


Joy! A West Bloomfield dahlia garden brims with beauty and benevolence

The Jewish News – Suzanne Chessler
“It is among my greatest pleasures in life to grow these flowers, cut them and give them away,” … read more.


Dahlia, Floral Society to hold final show

The Review
The East Liverpool Dahlia and Floral Society (Ohio) held its 92nd — and final — show September 20, 2017 … read more.


Bucket list trip for dahlia pals

The Hamilton Spectator – Kathy Renwald
Malachy and John are so sorry to miss the dahlia show at the Royal Botanical Gardens this weekend, but they have bigger fish to fry.

The two pals packed up their dazzling dahlias in a crate the size of a hope chest and jetted off to England on Wednesday to compete in one of the biggest dahlia shows in the world.  Read more.


Dahlia show attracts Swedish and Danish dahlia societies

Shoreline Area News – Martin Král
Our PSDA dahlia show at Sky Nursery this last weekend was a resounding success!  Read more.


Dahlia Contest Expected to be Huge

Daily North Shore – Adrienne Fawcett
The Chicago Botanic Garden’s Nichols Hall will look like the inside of a firecracker when some 2,000 flowers ranging in size from a Frisbee to a plum are placed on competition tables for the 2017 National Dahlia Show September 9 and 10 … read more.


Dahlias: It’s the variety that lures them in

Kitsap Daily News – Leslie Kelly
It’s a flower whose name can bring many pictures to mind. That’s because no one is really sure just how many varieties of dahlias there are … read more.


Dahlia devotees put on a colorful show with up to 2,000 blooms

HeraldNet – Sara Bruestle
They’re not looking for perfection, but it’s pretty close … read more.


Want a garden with show-stopping appeal? Here’s how to do it with dahlias

The Denver Post – Carol O’Meara
Want a garden with show-stopping appeal? From regal to wild, mini to gigantic, dahlias are the flowers that win your heart. Plant them now for a dramatic show later in summer – you’ll be happy to have this king of the garden … read more.


Dahlia is ornamental that blooms all summer

Lubbockobline.com – Ellen Peffley
The dahlia is an ornamental that blooms all summer and is an excellent performer in the cutting garden … read more.


In the Garden: Growing great dahlias, from tubers to bloomers

Yakima Herald-Republic – Carol Barany
Have you ever been asked to name your favorite flower? Answering feels like singling out a favorite child … read more.


Dahlia Primer: From Tuber to Bloomer

Daily North Shore – George Koons
The cultivation of new dahlia plants from last year’s crop is not a very complicated process … read more.


The Flowers Men Grow

Daily North Shore – Adrienne Fawcett
There are a couple of things you need to do before asking a dahlia gardener to talk about his favorite flowering plant … read more.


Brother continues YSU professor’s work to save the dahlia

WKBM Youngstown, OH
It is in his memory that many around the world are fighting a virus that could wipe out a species of flower … read more.


Dahlia a perfect bloomer for spring

Santa Cruz Sentinel – Tom Karwin
If you have been anticipating spring in your garden, you might have been thinking about adding new blooming plants for summer and fall color splashes.  Read more.


Gladiolus and Dahlia

Sandusky Register – Barbara Wagner, Master Gardener
One of the pleasures of March is planning my gardens … read more.


Health issues no barrier for two dahlia growers

The Southland Times – Jamie Searle
Disabilities don’t stop New Zealand growers from growing award-winning dahlias … read more.


Peter spends his days with dahlias

The Weekend Sun – Merle Foster
Peter Burrell’s passion for dahlias has grown from his wife Valerie. But not in the way you’d think.

“Val was the North Island secretary for the National Dahlia Society of New Zealand. And it meant I had to her cart all around the place for meetings and the shows … read more.