Free Virus Testing for Dahlia Vendors

If you sell dahlias and are located in the United States, The American Dahlia Society (ADS) would like to test a portion of your dahlia stock at no cost to you.  (Unfortunately, the logistics of sending leaf samples into the US precludes testing for companies outside the US.)  Funding from the Scheetz-Chuey Foundation will make this possible and the tests will be performed in the laboratories of Professor Hanu Pappu at Washington State University (WSU).  Professor Pappu is the Carl F. and James J. Chuey Professor of Dahlia Research at WSU.

Your name and all results will be held anonymous by WSU and the ADS, known only by the WSU lab and the Chairmen (Ron Miner and Brad Freeman) of the ADS virus research team.  ADS will only release the results generically with no reference to suppliers.  Vendors will be free to use and/or release their test results as they wish. 

The objective of the project is to help individual suppliers improve their ability to provide healthy stock to their customers, our ADS members.  It is our expectation that the individual suppliers will use their individual results to cull out stock that test positive for virus. 

We encourage all US-based dahlia vendors to participate.  After we have the applications in hand, we will divide the tests available among the vendors who have applied for the project and will provide you the number of samples you may submit for testing and the schedule for sending the samples to WSU.  The procedures for supplying the samples will be the same as those for previous programs; the specifics will be included in the authorization to provide samples.

We hope that this free testing program will help our dahlia vendors improve the quality of their dahlia stock.


Submit the following information before June 30 by email to Ron Miner at

Vendor name:



Zip Code:

Approximate number of dahlias sold for the 2018 season:

Though the registration for the program is due by June 30, depending on the response, additional applications may be accepted into early July.  So if you are interested, please apply!

If you have applied for the program and received confirmation of your participation go here for details on how to proceed.