Virus Testing for Your Garden

The information below is for the 2017 testing season which is over.  Check back in season 2018 to see what program, if any, is available.

With the cooperation of Professor Pappu at Washington State University and the support of Jim Chuey and the Scheetz-Chuey Foundation, the Clean Dahlia Center at WSU will test our dahlias for virus again this year. The same program of open testing of sets of 30 or more samples for $10 per sample is available again.

Leaves indicating virus

No virus was detected in about half of the samples tested last year. One of the key messages from Professor Pappu is that plants grown from the tubers of those virus free plants are the most likely to also be free of virus. Limited data from last year’s results support that conclusion. We are calling those first-generation tubers “G1” tubers. The plants grown from those G1 tubers will be tested at no charge this year. If you purchased G1 tubers or plants this year, please see the instructions for that special test program. The free testing is made possible by the cooperation of Professor Pappu and the financial support of Jim Chuey through the Scheetz-Chuey Foundation.

We anticipate that the turnaround time for the tests will be better this year than last. Nevertheless, you should plan on waiting several weeks to get results.

Please read the complete instructions document.

Sample Submission Form:
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Sample Submission Form for G1:
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Results Update (November 2016)