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Thanks to
The Greater Philadelphia Dahlia Society
for hosting the ADS 2018 National Show.
A good time was had by all!
Also, thanks to Wayne and Beverly for a great Monday tour.  What a fun and informative day!
See everyone in Grand Rapids, 2019!   


Love dahlias?  Love history? Then you are sure to enjoy a new publication Mrs. Charles H. Stout AKA Henrietta Maria Schroeder (HMS) The Lady of the Dahlias  by Harry Waterson.  This publication is being serialized in the Bulletin but is available in its entirety, here.

YOU can become an important part of the solution to the problem of virus in our dahlia patches.  Find out how.

Website tip:  Visit our Dahlias in the News page to get links to articles featuring dahlias in publications across the nation.  Lots of publications are “talking dahlias”.

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