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2019 The Year of the Dahlia


Dahlia display garden

The National Garden Bureau (NGB), the non-profit organization promoting gardening in North America on behalf of the horticulture industry and its members, has announced that they have selected the dahlia as the bulb crop of the year for 2019.   The NGB “Year of the” program chooses flowers and/or plants specifically for the North American market that are easy to grow, genetically diverse, and with a lot of new cultivars to showcase.  

Local dahlia societies and clubs within the ADS have a role to play in celebrating the 2019 Year of the Dahlia.    If your organization has a working relationship with a local garden center or nursery, talk to the managers or owners about the 2019 Year of the Dahlia.    You can offer to give presentations both on growing dahlias (spring time) and digging and dividing (fall).   Also, a summer time dahlia exhibition or show at a local nursery or garden is an opportunity to introduce the public to the dahlia in its many forms, sizes and colors.

A local dahlia show

A flyer titled “Discover the Joy of Growing Dahlias with the American Dahlia Society (ADS) is now available for downloading from this website.  It is a great handout to use at dahlia related events.   There are two version of the flyer –  one with just the ADS name on it and one that is a fill-able form (members only), so you can add your organization’s name and its website page prior to printing copies.   

In addition, there are Year of the Dahlia promotional materials, prepared by the NGB, that can be downloaded from their website at https://ngb.org.  The NGB has a newsletter that will keep you abreast of what they are doing to celebrate 2019 Year of the Dahlia.  ADS members can sign up for the NGB e-newsletter by going to their website.

All members of the ADS should find ways to celebrate the 2019 Year of the Dahlia.    We are members of the ADS because we enjoy the dahlia for its diversity in form, size and color.    In addition, we like being with our friends and acquaintances in the local, regional and national dahlia organizations.   We should share our passion for the dahlia in 2019.    Hopefully we will encourage someone to join our local club or society.    


Are you an ADS Member with advertising and/or marketing experience?   Would you like to help our society continue to be a vibrant, relative organization?  If yes, please read this important letter from our President.

Genome Project Update December 2018

Love dahlias?  Love history? Then you are sure to enjoy a new publication Mrs. Charles H. Stout AKA Henrietta Maria Schroeder (HMS) The Lady of the Dahlias  by Harry Waterson.  This publication is being serialized in the Bulletin but is available in its entirety, here.

Website tip:  Visit our Dahlias in the News page to get links to articles featuring dahlias in publications across the nation.  Lots of publications are “talking dahlias”.

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