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The 2017 National Show was a great success!

Congratulations to all the participants and the winners.
Also, congratulations and thanks to the Central States Society
for hosting the show.  Great job!!
Summary of the Show
Pictures and video coming soon.


Without the tireless efforts on the part of local society and conference members, ADS National Shows would not be the successful events we have come to expect. At the 2017 National Show, the American Dahlia Society extended its appreciation to four members of the hosting Central States Dahlia Society who contributed much to the success of this occasion.

Fred Brill was instrumental in much of the show planning and detail work, including the transformation of the 2017 show logo into a workable graphic that became a key identifier of the show.

Jim Kassner served as Show Co-Chair and an important contribution on his part, was coordinating with the staff at Chicago Botanic Garden on the arrangement of the show exhibition halls. A distinct and pleasing visual effect was created by the resourceful placement of exhibition tables. Of course, having the correct number of tables for a National show is a big issue and how many to rent, if necessary, is an important consideration.

Charlene Meyers brought the show to life through her work as CSDS website director. This was a special effort which put a welcoming face on the event even before it began.

Finally, George Koons developed a publicity plan that carried through the entire event. George collaborated with the ADS Bulletin, the ADS and CSDS websites, and local media to serve notice, in a very spectacular way, that the American Dahlia Society’s 51st National Show would be held in Chicago, and that it would be an event dahlia lovers would not want to miss!

The ADS congratulates all who made the 2017 National Show an enjoyable and memorable experience.


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The ADS congratulates the East Liverpool (Ohio) Dahlia Society
on its 92nd - and final - dahlia show.
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2017 ADS Photo Contest
Do you have beautiful blooms in your garden?  Are you participating in fun dahlia events?  Are there kids and critters in your gardens?  Are there dahlia personalities you'd like to immortalize? If yes, get out those cameras and get ready for the 2017 ADS Photo Contest.  More info.


Giant Boost for Dahlia R&D

Mr. Jim Chuey and Professor Hanu Pappu (left to right)

Mr. Jim Chuey announced two major developments in dahlia research and development at Washington State University (WSU) at the annual American Dahlia Society (ADS) National Show on Saturday afternoon, September 9, 2017.  Through the Scheetz-Chuey Foundation and on behalf of the ADS, Jim donated $805,000 to WSU.  That donation, in addition to an earlier donation by the Foundation and grants from the ADS and Evie Gullikson, serve as the basis for the creation of the Carl F. and James J. Chuey Chair for Dahlia Research and Development at WSU. 

In addition, the funds will support the creation of a Dahlia Resource Center that will serve as the vehicle to translate and transfer the broad agricultural technology available at WSU to ADS dahlia growers around the world.  Professor Hanu Pappu will hold the Chuey Dahlia R&D Chair and be responsible for the Resource Center.  Professor Pappu spoke briefly about his plans for future work at the seminar Saturday afternoon.  Read more.

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