North American Dahlia Society

The ADS is 100 Years Young!

The ADS Centennial Show, held on Long Island, New York, September 19-20, 2015 was a great success.

The Grand Champion bloom, Kenora Wildfire, is pictured left with its grower Tony Evangelista (right) and David Reid (left) from the UK.

David, who represented the National Dahlia Society (NDS) at the show, awarded Tony the NDS Silver Medal.  David said that this bloom exemplified the high standards for exhibition set by the NDS.

Congratulations to Tony and the other show winners! .


The American Dahlia Society (ADS) was founded in 1915 and is composed of over 70 independent local societies in the US and Canada. We love dahlias.

We are a non-profit organization founded for the purpose of stimulating interest in, disseminating information about, and promoting the culture and development of, the dahlia.

If you also love dahlias, please consider joining the ADS. You may join "at large" from this site, but for a more exciting experience, join ADS (and receive a discount) via a local society. Find a society in your area by using the ADS Societies button above or to the right. In a local society you will meet dahlia enthusiasts, learn first-hand from local growers, and have a lot of fun!


As part of the ADS’s Centennial, the society has published a history of its second half-century. Drawn largely from the ADS Bulletin, the book is filled with advice, anecdotes, poetry, and the winners of awards and medals.

More than a hundred ADS members who submitted material to the Bulletin are remembered with excerpts.

It will be fun reading for ADS members and gardeners who are interested in the development of the dahlia flower.

To order your copy, click here.




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